Equa Srl is a company that offers technical services as well as activities as a Type A Inspections Organisation, second and third part inspections, expediting, test supervision and Pre-Shipment Inspection specialised in the Oil&Gas and Power sectors; planning and implementation of welding qualifications and procedures according to international codes and standards.

Over the years, the various experiences accrued and the high level of know-how and professionalism acquired have enabled Equa to coordinate and integrate to the highest level in a modern and dynamic structure, the specialised knowledge of its qualified technicians. The flexibility of the internal organisation has furthermore made it possible to adapt its own structure to the needs of its Customers, whether they are industrial groups or small companies, guaranteeing high quality services.

Equa’s Vision is that the Quality of the services is provided by the people, while technology is only a tool to facilitate the process, not a replacement for man. Operating with Quality is, in brief “doing things right the first time”.