The hydrocarbon exploration and production activities are constantly faced with increasingly greater attention on protecting the environment and the natural systems by Governments, Environmental Associations and public opinion.

A sector like few others, where we cannot make a mistake, where we must be impeccable, in which knowledge, competence and accuracy play a fundamental role in the correct management of the planet’s resources even before it being good for business.

This inevitably translates into a requirement to the companies of the industry for accountability in terms of QHSE and the sending of a constant flow of feedback during every phase of the project to multiple subjects which, at the operational level, takes the form of onerous fulfilments of a technical and bureaucratic nature.

Furthermore, many of the products that surround us and which we use in everyday life derive from the processing of petroleum and hydrocarbons in general. There is no other substance that can boast such a diversified range of uses and applications.

Even though explaining in this way a strong driver of development for the world economy, the widespread demand for derivatives, semi-finished and finished products and their massive circulation forces the companies of the sector to place increasing attention on the quality of the product as well as on the elimination of the negative external effects relative to the process, the product and the processing chain, while remaining within the context of competitiveness and efficiency.

Equa, when carrying out its Expediting, Inspection and Testing services carefully selects the personnel qualified through the application of clear, strict internal procedures. The constant monitoring of the staff, also through the Accreditation Entity in accordance with UNI EN 17020, furthermore guarantees the entire implementation phase of the activity under the dual profile of operations and respect for the current regulations, including the QHSE standards.

By virtue of the twenty-year experience in the sector, Equa has a broad and multi-disciplinary database, with worldwide coverage, thanks to which it is able to provide Expediting, Inspection and Testing services everywhere, guaranteeing each time the presence of ad hoc personnel with specific knowledge of the sector and the activity.